VAPAA History

1984 - Founding of the Veteran Affairs Physician Assistant Association

1989 - VAPAA was chartered as a constituent chapter of the AAPA. 

1993 - First chairperson of the VA PA Field Advisory Group was chosen to work with the Undersecretary of the VHA. This position was involved in writing and passage of the Qualification Standards, including the ability to advance to Grade 13 

1994 - First (Independent) VAPAA CME Conference in October 1994 in Minneapolis, MN. 

1995 - VAPAA met with Undersecretary for VHA, urging the signing of VA Directives that would restructure the overall utilization of PAs within the VA and prescriptive privileges, 

1997 - VAPAA worked with the DEA to allow controlled substance prescribing despite state legislation under federal supremacy as examined by Central Office.

2011 - VA PA Field Advisor position to the Undersecretary of the VHA was elevated to full time representation in VACO as the Director of Physician Assistant Services in VHA, 

2011 – 2014 - VAPAA exhibited significant leadership capability resulting in increasing the national influence and awareness of our Association with Congress, the VA PAs, and AAPA.

2014 – 2019 - AAPA Legislative Committee along with AAPA under way with VACO and Congressional on issues of Pay Disparity, Recruitment and Retention.  

This list is a historical testimony to the VAPAA board members. We would like to thank the many Officers, Board members and Committee Chairs who also held office in VAPAA and dedicated their lives for a short time to these and many other VA PA related endeavors. Without their time, effort dedication to fighting for more VA PA rights and benefits (and personal expense) none of this would exist.

For a more detailed look at VAPAA history click here.

VAPAA Accomplishments

  • VAPAA leadership was very instrumental in helping congress pass the VA choice and quality improvement act of 2017. Part of this act included Public Law 115-46, 131 STAT 967, Sec 212. Which states: “Requirement that PA’s employed by the VA receive competitive pay”. Brief Bill details here. Full Bill details here. Though we still wait for many moving pieces for this to be implemented, this is a huge accomplishment. Because of the new law many VAs have been inspired to do long overdo salary surveys for their PAs and have been successful in getting the raises approved! 

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VAPAA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. 

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