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Nominations for candidates will be open from April 26 - May 17th

This year, there are four board positions to be filled and include:

Vice President (1 seat)

Director-at-Large (3 seats)  

Serving on the VAPAA board brings great rewards, both to you and your fellow PAs. The continued vitality of our organization relies on this important work. Any current VAPAA member in good standing may put themselves forward for election. You may self-nominate or be nominated by your colleagues. Board members serve two-year terms.

As a board member you will:

  • Participate in monthly and ad hoc meetings 
  • Engage in regular email discussions with our executive director and the other board members
  • Plan, promote, and/or attend VAPAA-sponsored educational events
  • Raise awareness of volunteerism within VAPAA
  • Join or even chair one of VAPAA's committees (i.e. DEI, finance, advocacy, social media/communications, conference, membership)
  • Celebrate professional excellence of PAs in the VA
  • Help engage PA students in our organization 
  • Enhance our organization using your unique skills, ideas, and abilities

    Please see our bylaws for descriptions on each board position. In addition of being a member in good standing of VAPAA, all elected board members shall be a member in good standing of AAPA. 

    All candidates who wish to run must prepare a candidate statement with the following: 
    • Candidate name and credentials (i.e. Jane Doe, MPAS, PA-C) 
    • The VA facility you currently work at and years of experience as a PA and VA employee.
    • Leadership experience (within and outside the VA)
    • Any special skills you might be able to bring to VAPAA (i.e., are you a social media whiz? Active in a VSO or union? On faculty? Have accounting experience?)
    • Past and present involvement in VAPAA and/or other organizations
    • Your vision for this organization during your term in office

    If you Self nomination is welcomed and encouraged. We also encourage you to review the mission and goals of VAPAA! 

    Board members will be selected by the general VAPAA membership via an online vote. 

    IMPORTANT Election Dates

    • April 26: Nomination Period Opens
    • May 17: Nomination Period Closes
    • May 20: Ballot distributed and Voting Begins
    • May 31: Voting Closes

    The VAAPA Board of Directors comprises the Officers and the Directors-at-Large.

     The board is elected by VAPAA members with voting privileges.


    President                                  term: 2 years

    Vice President                          term: 2 years

    Immediate Past President        term: 2 years

    Treasurer                                  term: 2 years

    Secretary                                  term: 2 years


    Directors-at-Large (6 seats)  term: 2 years

    Frequency of Elections:

    Typically, elections are held in odd years for the President, Treasurer and three director-at-large seats and in even years

    for the Vice President, Secretary and three director-at-large seats, but this sometimes can vary, i.e., if there is a vacancy or a person runs and is elected to a different board position before completing the term of their previous position.

    The term for each officer is listed above. 

    Eligibility for Office:

    A member wishing to be elected to the board must be an active fellow member or life fellow member, which require  

    AAPA membership.

    Eligibility to Vote:

    Eligibility to vote is associated with membership level.

    Fellow, Life, & Associate members have voting privileges.

    Veterans Affairs PA Association 

    PO Box 4968

    Lago Vista, TX 78645


    VAPAA is a 501c(6) non-profit organization

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