VAPAA Award Recipients

2019 Lifetime Contribution Award 

William Doug McCoy

Want to nominate a Physician Assistant VAPAA member for the upcoming VAPAA conference award ceremony?  See the following examples of what qualifies someone for this amazing award!

1.      VAPAA Outstanding Clinical Physician Assistant

This award is intended to recognize outstanding actions by Physician Assistants. This award can be demonstrated by one or more of the following but are not limited to this list.

(1)  Documentation of actions that demonstrated a saved life or the potential to save a life.

(2)   Submission of a best practice that improved a process or created a procedure that benefits patients.

(3)    Fostering innovation which improves the efficiency of patient assessment, patient care or patient treatment.

(4)    Nomination  detailing the PA’s contributions to the medical center.

2.      VAPAA Physician Assistant Leadership Award

Leadership ability can be demonstrated by four or more of the following but are not limited to this list.

(1)   Serve your department /facility as  a lead or chief Physician Assistant

(2)   Supervision of other PA’s and PA students (copy of organizational chart)

(3)   Completion of six or more  modules/ courses on supervision in TMS

(4)   Serving as chair of a committee at your local VA (i.e. wellness , women’s health, professional standards board, union)

(5)   Participation in staff instruction (i.e. ACLS, BLS,  PSB, etc.)

(6)   Personal recruitment of 3-5 Physician Assistants to VAPAA membership within your VISN

(7)   Participation in VAPAA, AAPA, local/state/regional PA affairs at the officer or committee levels.

(8)   Completion of VHA leadership program or VISN leadership training program or FACHE certification.

(9)   Voluntary appointment or election to organizations that promote health in any community.

These awards are open to all VAPAA members.

All nominations will be reviewed by the award committee and those selected will be informed in advance of the conference.

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